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Memory Care

At Colfax Manor, we understand that memory loss symptoms varies from person to person. We work with each resident and their families to create a care plan that addresses each resident's needs. Our staff undergo training on Alzheimers and dementia care on an ongoing basis. The small, homelike nature of our home allows our staff to get to know each resident and their families on a personal level.

We approach each resident as an individual. We encourage our residents to make choices and to participate in preparing their care plan. We focus on our resident's experiences and preferences. We respect and validate their feelings, and work to support their independence daily. 

We encourage family members to participate in the care plan and in the care of their loved ones as much as they can.

Colfax Manor provides 24 hour care by trained staff. Our goal is to help our residents to maintain current level of functioning through activities, exercise, reading, movies, nutrition, and medication management. Our home is small, homelike and secure.

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